What Will 2016 hold for tysoncadenhead.com?

The new year is always a great time to start fresh. All the failures of the previous year are forgotten and you can refocus all your efforts on what you want to achieve in the coming year. I've made several big goals this year, but I wanted to specifically address the resolutions that affect this site. I hope that by sharing them here, I can get a little more accountability from the community and that will force me into action. Without further ado, here are my 2016 goals for this site.

A New Blog Post Every Week

I've come really close to hitting 52 blog posts a year in the past, but I keep barely missing the mark due to other things competing for my time. Last year, I wrote a book. That pulled me away from hitting the goal by a long shot. I'm embarrassed to say, I only cranked out 10 blog posts all year. That's down from 34 posts in 2014.

What you will be seeing this year is probably shorter posts than I've typically written in the past. I'll be releasing a new post every Monday and they will primarily contain tips and tricks that I've found that have improved my code quality in some way. You'll still see an opinion piece here and there, but I will definitely be focusing on things that interest me. Right now, I'm very invested in new language features and React, but I'll probably be playing around with other frameworks as well, so hopefully you won't totally look the other way if you're still writing in ES5 or if you prefer Angular or EXTJS or something else.

Online Courses

I am working on a platform to make teaching things online easier. My initial focus is on what interests me the most: teaching programming. I do plan on making the platform versatile enough that it can be used for other things as well. For example, my sister teaches Spanish and I'd like for someone like her to have a good solution for teaching and quizzing her students as well.

I will be providing more information as I make progress on this, but I can say that the first course I provide will definitely be free. There is so much to explore in the JavaScript world, that there is really no shortage of topics at all.

Open-Source Projects

I imagine there will be plenty of cool open-source projects that will come out of my online course pet project, but I'm also leading an effort to get some of Aloompa's non-business specific libraries available on Github.

The most notable project we are working on making available is an ORM that can be used in the browser or the server called “Cannery.“ It will provide a really pluggable adapter system so that you can literally get data from anywhere, whether it's from an Ajax request, the local state, a database, WebSockets, etc... We're using it on our front-end as the data layer for our React applications and it has been awesome to work with. I'm hoping to make a formal announcement about it in the next couple of months and I'll go into more detail about how to use Cannery as an event-driven syncronous ORM wherever you need it, but I just wanted to put a bug in your ear for that.


In the past, I've let myself get diverted into things that aren't really my passion. I wrote an application for getting recipes from Pinterest and making a shopping list. It was fun to crawl Pinterest and make lists out of their data and cooking is fun, but it's honestly not my passion. I enjoy reading and improving on productivity, but that is not my passion either.

I used to make short animations and write music, and I've been making goals to get back into those things for years, but this year I've decided to be honest with myself. The thing that I've become good at, the thing that I love is architecting large scalable JavaScript applications and teaching other developers what I've learned. That will be my focus in 2016 because that's what I love doing.

Happy New Year!

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