Top 5 Backbone Plugins

BackboneJS is a great framework for building large scalable JavaScript applications. One of the best things about Backbone is that the community has built countless amazing plugins that extend the Backbone namespace. I've compiled a list with just a few of my very favorite Backbone plugins.

Backbone Forms

This is a nifty plugin that generates all of the UI for forms complete with validation. All of the form behavior is customizable and most of the meat of the form display and validation is driven by the Backbone model.


This plugin hooks up Backbone models and collections to couchdb for storage. The only downside is that instead of using Backbone.Collection, you will have to extend Backbone.couch.Collection to get this to work.


One of the more frustrating things about Backbone is its lack of a relational model. With this plugin, you can make basic associations like “one to one“, “one to many“ and “many to many“.


Backrub is a Backbone plugin that allows you to keep your templates up to date with current data all the time without any further manipulation.

Backbone Layout Manager

Backbone layout manager is a layout and template manager for Backbone. It is designed to make dealing with the Backbone.View logical and simple

I've doubtlessly failed to mention even a fraction of the amazing Backbone plugins. What are some of your favorites?

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