The Business Case For Having An All-Remote Organization

For the past year and a half, I have been working for a completely remote company called appendTo. We literally have employees working from their houses, coffee shops and Buffalo Wildwings across the globe. One of the main draws to the company for me was the ability to work from anywhere.

There are obviously numerous benefits to remote working for the employee, but I've also come to the conclusion that if I were ever to start a company of my own, I would absolutely build it as a 100% remote company because there are a lot of benefits for the employer as well. Here are a few reasons why.

Save Money On Overhead

Renting out office space is expensive. In the technology / startup space, the ability to save money could mean that the company could hire more or better employees and move faster.

Hire Talent From Anywhere

There are talented programmers all over the globe. Many of them live in remote areas and are not willing or able to relocate to a technology town. By deciding that all employees must be in a single location, you are artificially limiting the talent you are able to employ.

Asynchronous Development

When you have employees from various places around the country or even the world, they will be in different timezones than each other. While this might seem on the surface to be a disadvantage, it just means the employees have to be more intentional about scheduling times and that there will be stretches of time where certain employees can typically count on to not be interrupted and get more done. It also means that you have a support team that covers more than just a 9 - 5 business day.


When you are able to hire from anywhere, you will have more diversity on your team. People from different cultures and backgrounds will typically take different approaches to a problem and it can be huge for the success of a company.

I know that not every company will get on board with remote jobs. There are a lot of fears that business owners tend to have and it takes a lot of trust in your team and in your processes to pull it off. I am really lucky to be working at a company that has done such a great job at it and I hope that other places will take the plunge and reap the awesome reward.

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