Book Review: Sencha Architect App Development

If you haven't used Sencha Architect to build your Sencha applications, you are totally missing out. Sencha Architect is essentially a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to construct applications by dragging and dropping components into the stage area. Sencha Architect App Development from Packt publishing is a really helpful book that shows you how to construct an application in Sencha Architect from start to finish.

Sencha Architect App Development is a fairly quick read. It is just over a hundred pages, but there is a ton of knowledge packed in its pages.

The book begins by introducing Sencha Architect and walking through the more basic features like the UI, the canvas and the inspector. By the time you've completed the first chapter, you should at least know your way around the interface.

Next, we are shown how to create an application. I was particularly impressed that there was a discussion of MVC and the proper way to structure your application. In a book that primarily focuses on just creating applications using a GUI, it's refreshing to see application structure come into the conversation.

After that, we dive deeper into the internals of creating an application. Namely, models, stores, views and controllers. There is also a discussion of how to tie the user's phone contacts into the data store using Phonegap.

There is an entire chapter on tips and tricks that can be implemented with Sencha Architect. These range from using Sencha Architect with Eclipse to creating internationalized applications.

The next chapter is about using resources such as stylesheets and external JavaScript files in Sencha Architect. There is also a really useful section about how to use Google Maps.

The final chapter discusses methods for deploying Sencha applications to iOS, Android Windows 8 and Blackberry 10 applications. There is a brief introduction to using Sencha Cmd with Sencha Architect, but I would have liked to see more in that regard.

Sencha Architecture App Development is a really useful book that I wish I had read a long time ago. It packs in really useful tidbits that can make anyone a proficient user of Sencha Architect.

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