My New Standup Desk

I've been using a standup desk for nearly a year now. It all started when I discovered this infographic.

Up until last week, I was working at Moontoast where I had set my Ikea desk on top of four cinder blocks to make it standing level. This week, I started working at appendTo, which means that I'm finally able to work from home.

Standing Desk

I knew that I wanted to keep working standing up and I also knew that propping our desk up on cinder blocks would probably be an eyesore in the guest bedroom. I looked around a little bit and found this design which was perfect for my space.

Standing Desk

I was able to install the desk for under $40 in less than two hours. So far it has been perfect for my needs although I am brainstorming some ways to make my monitors more eye-level so I don't need to look down, which can be bad for your shoulders and upper-back. I think 4 to 6 inches higher would be perfect.

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