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Ko.Ninja (part 4)

code | 1-9-2014

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This is a part of a larger series about the framework that I helped to create to make Knockout development more awesome. Previously, I showed how you can create a model to save data to localStorage. Today we are going to look at how you can save data to a server using Ajax using the model abstraction layer.

The HTTP model can be defined like this:

  model: {

      // The root that all ajax calls are made relative to
      urlRoot: function () {
          return '/list/'

      // If you have a suffix appended to each URL, this can 
      // be used. It defaults to an empty string.
      suffix: '.json',

      // For HTTP, this should always be http
      storage: 'http',

      // The name of your model. If the urlRoot is not specified,
      // this will be used to build the urlRoot as well.
      name: 'list'


The suffix and urlRoot are both optional, but depending on your API, they might be needed. For example, if you define the urlRoot as '/people/favorites/' and your suffix as '.json', when you do a findOne(123) on the model, it would resolve to a GET request like this: /people/123.json.

If your urlRoot is set to "/list/", will make the following HTTP requests when a viewModel changes:

  • GET /list - find()
  • GET /list/:id - findOne()
  • POST /list/:id - update()
  • PUT /list - insert()
  • DELETE /list/:id - remove()

In a nutshell, it is the standard REST API definition. That's really all there is to it.

In my next post, we'll be looking at how to use to sync data with a server using

Ready to get started? Add to your project and make awesome applications today!

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