How Can You See the Latest Poet.js Posts Without Restarting the Server?

When I first started moving my blog over to Poet, one of the most frustrating things for me was the fact that all of the blog posts are cached, meaning that every time you edit a file, you literally have to restart the server to see the changes. Luckily, I have implemented a neat little trick to refresh the blog posts any time they are updated.

Poet gives you a watch method that is fired anytime the markdown files in your posts directory are changed, so I tapped into that. (poet) {
  console.log('A file was updated!');

Poet also provides a method called clearCache that literally wipes out the cached blog posts and replaces them with the updated versions.


Putting both methods together, we can do something like this:;

Now every time a blog post is changed, the clearCache method is fired, which means that the blog posts will always be up to date. It wasn't the most challenging thing to do, but it definitely made writing blog posts much more enjoyable.

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